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Hair Loss due to Heredity

In men, hair loss is the most common form due to heredity. Why you need to use Provillus But many do not know that women can also suffer from these so-called Alopecia androgenetics. The course is very different in both sexes. While in the men the 'inlets' are formed first and later the hair also disappears from the forehead to the back of the head, in the women the hair thins out for a long time, so that the scalp comes through. Very rarely a completely bald head is formed.

Reason for hereditary hair loss is an inherited hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the male sex hormone Testosterone. This has the property of damaging the hair root and shortening the growth phase of the hair. As a result, the hairs become shorter and thinner, until the head is only covered with plume of fine, short and weak pigment hairs.

In total, about 30 to 40% of all 50-year-old women lost half their hair volume due to hereditary hair loss. Usually this starts after the transition. Debt to this has shifted balance between male and female sex hormones, with the advantage of male sex hormone. In addition to the hair loss, symptoms also occur as skin impurities and a rising sebum drainage.


Once broken hair can not be restored again. In this case, only a hair transplant can help. The purpose of a therapy for hereditary hair loss is to protect the hair root for the damaged influence of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and thus prevent the root from being destroyed. The substance Alfatradiol (in the form of hair inks) achieves this, which is responsible for the reduction of Testosterone to DHT. Alpha radiolone can be used in women and men.

The Minoxidil substance can also have a positive effect. How it works, however, can not yet be explained. The pill, which contains other special substances besides estrogen, can also be used to treat the hereditary hair loss of the woman. The special substances prevent the disturbance of the hair roots.

With a medical treatment one should start as early as possible. Once the drug is stopped, the hair loss starts again from the beginning.

In addition to the specific treatment of hereditary hair loss, combined medications containing sulphurous amino acids and Vitamin B can 'support' the hair by administering important build-up substances for growth.

It is normal for people who age to get hair loss. You should therefore accept it. Below are two things you could do if you do not want to be bald. A certain disease can also cause hair loss. Such a disease lasts for about a few months and also automatically resets itself. It is advisable to have you consulted by a doctor who specializes in it. He can see if he can give you an injection to speed up the recovery. But do not be mistaken, many people who have had this injection are not all equally satisfied with the result. The disease returned to most people.

A wig

If the hair loss is so bad that you become bald or parts of your head become bald, you can choose to take a wig. A wig can give you a safe feeling. Before you take a wig it is wise to check whether your health insurance can insure her. If not, you have to take it for your own account.

Hair transplant

Nobody likes to be bald, so people can choose hair transplants in addition to a wig. Hair transplant means that you get more hair through surgery and that it will look natural. Most doctors use about 8 hairs for each group of hair root. This often looks unnatural and it is therefore important to find a doctor who uses 1 to 4 hairs for each group of hair root. It is important to be well informed, because not every hair type or baldness is suitable for this. It costs about 40 per consultation with the hair specialist.
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